Import failed, path does not exist or is not accessible by Sonarr (Windows)

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows): Running on Windows
OS: Windows 10
Debug logs:
Description of issue: My episodes aren’t importing. Sitting in my downloads folder and not renaming/moving to my TV shows folder.

My setup consists of Windows 10 Platform, Sonarr install, and utorrent. Before my last update, I never had any issues. I’m currently getting an error message about my import failing because the path does not exist or isn’t accessible by Sonarr.

I’ve read other similar topics, but most pertain to using Docker (which I’m not) or a Synology Nas (which I’m not using either). I would love for my Sonarr to go back to importing the episodes automatically so if someone could help me with my settings or installation configuration, I would greatly appreciate it.

I know the technical information provided is limited and I’m not as tech saavy as some, but I can certainly learn and understand if someone is willing to give me a hand figuring out which setting is wrong.


Is Sonarr running as an app or service?
What is D:?

Also suggest changing to a better torrent client, like qbittorrent or Deluge.

Thanks for the reply @fanboy.

It looks like it’s running as a service.
D: Is a drive that holds my downloads and other media.

I was already considering changing to another torrent client as I’ve been unsatisfied with uTorrent’s WebUI accessibility. Gonna give qBittorrent a shot. Thanks!

OK service should not matter as much for locally connected external HDD, it’s more for network share issues.

However, it still seems like a permissions issue of some sort. Please post DEBUG logs to begin with.

Hey @fanboy
Forums been down most of the day so I’m just getting to respond.
Debug Logs - Hastebin: Send and Save Text or Code Snippets for Free | Toptal®

OK, logs don’t shed anything further. Everything is still reading as a permissions issue, so you need to troubleshoot that and resolve
Check D: permissions
Try changing the user Sonarr runs as

@fanboy, Thanks again for looking at those logs. I understand that everything is pointing/reading as a permissions issue. I went into the application properties and looked at the users with permissions to review. I found several users and gave them all “Full Control”. Not sure if that was a good move or not, but the good news is that I restarted Sonarr and… no more errors. Weigh in if you’d like, but for now… I’m resolved. Thanks!

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I would have been a little more granular about changing the permissions and changed one at a time until it worked, but as you’re running locally, so long as your system is secure then it shouldn’t really matter. Good that it is working for you now.

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