Import existing series error

Hi everyone, i get an error trying to import content.
Unable to add root folder Path does not exist

maybe im doing this wrong, the word import seems totally wrong, i dont want to move any files, i just want to point sonar at my TV hard drive.


Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: 22.04 LTS
Debug logs:
Description of issue: error

Please read through the wiki. All the answers you need should be there.

You need to setup/add your root folder first
Then you can import your existing content

Additionally, Trash Guides may also be informative

Hi Fanboy, thanks for the reply. I did go through this a few days ago I assume specifically you mean this step:

  • Non-Windows Users: If you’re using an NFS mount ensure nolock is enabled.
  • If you’re using an SMB mount ensure nobrl is enabled.

I’m assuming the SMB applies to me as my files are local and not on a network.

My previous version of ubuntu was 14 and I was able to edit /etc/fstab and mount the drives that way . But since my rebuild to 22.04 a few days ago the drives are already mounted without me adding anything. is there another location ubuntu now does this?

thanks again.

I have been running through steps to create the SMB share but all the instructions i am trying to follow are for network locations.
It seems SMB and NFS are for network drives, NAS’s etc.

I have installed sonarr on a pc and the drive I am trying to “import” is on the same machine. Maybe that’s why I’m having so mach trouble. My drive is local.

Well no, I was just pointing out the steps and the order you needed to do things in Sonarr, namely add your root folder first and then do your import. The links were just to the relevant sections in the wiki.

Per your other thread, this also seems to be more some fundamental *nix operations preceding Sonarr specific things, which doesn’t make this the best place to ask or learn. Sounds like what you actually want/need to do is create a mount from the local drive, and that add that as your root folder? Might I suggest one of the many *nix subreddits or dedicated forums might be a better place to start.

oh sorry fanboy, i was trying to say that I was doing the wrong thing, your suggestion have been extremely helpful and are helping me understand how all this works

again apologies

will do, ill checkout this *nix subreddits.

thank you for your quick responses and help

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