Import causing silent crash

So it says “Completed” but it doesnt actually do anything. I would guess it is the filename length…

[v3.0.3.658] System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException: Could not find a part of the path ‘D:\Plex\TV Shows\Dinosaur Train\Season 4\Dinosaur Train - S04E17-18-19-20 - What’s at the Center of the Earth! (1) - Layers + What’s at the Center of the Earth! (2) - Fossils + What’s at the Center of the Earth! (3) - Troglobites + What’s at the Center of the Earth! (4) - Minerals HDTV-720p.mkv’.

I have imported over 180 episodes so the directory tree does exist and it has only happened to this one :slight_smile:

Maybe a little more helpful to show an error occured or something beneficial (to save the end user from trying 3 or 4 times and not knowing what is happening) instead of “Completed” when it didn’t actually complete anything except successfully logging the error.

What says completed? I assume we’re talking about some sort of background task which executed successfully and said completed because it did, if it reported an error there that would mean the entire task failed and blew up, which would only be the case in an extreme failure and in a multi-file import would mean other files would not be imported either.

Manually importing, select 1 file, pick season, picked 4 episodes, clicked import. Bottom left of UI says importing 1 of 1 and then says completed. However nothing happened. File was not imported, episodes where not marked as imported (still shows missing).

Gotcha, so basically what I said, the task finished, even though one file couldn’t be imported. It’s intentional that one failure doesn’t fail the whole job. We’ll have to see what we can do to improve this when all files fail.

Simplist thing to do, track each job & when it is done if any errors are present throw up a dialog with the files that had errors (with the error) so the user can troubleshoot from there. No errors, no dialog. Be the easiest way I would think and requires no internal exception handling from sonarr. Just what I would do anyhow. Thanks for responding bud.

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