Import as same quality as when grabbed


Currently when a release is grabbed the torrent name is used to specify the quality (for example WEB-DL). Once it is downloaded the filename is then looked at, but if the filename doesn’t have a quality it defaults to HDTV. I think a setting to import as the quality it found when grabbing when the filename doesn’t state one would be useful because I’ve always found the grabbed quality to be correct anyway.

I know that the release group should have the quality in the filename but there are some good release groups that miss it out.

As a result, after importing it as (for example) HDTV, it then sees the same torrent name on the next RSS sync and tries to grab it again because it sees it as WEB-DL.


Another option that could be used to achieve the same thing is to be able to add a keyword that reflects a quality. Let’s say release group ABC only releases WEB-DL quality shows, we can add a keyword that says ABC = WEB-DL. Then when Sonarr is importing and it doesn’t see a quality in the filename but sees release group name ABC it imports it as WEB-DL.