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I have seen multiple posts about IMDB feature requests (all somewhat different from eachother).
Now those vary from 1 to 3 years back or so, with the request being “considered”.
However I haven’t noticed those features in sonarr, yet would second at least 1 of them.

Is there any way to at least get series adding to download list from IMDB titles or prefix/links?
Also seen IMDB watchlist to sonarr import requests but the former seems easier.
As it stands TVDB is often slow with new shows, or keeps removing them for some silly reason etc.
Those same shows are often already on IMDB and being able to use the prefix from there to add it to the download list would be awesome.

Being able to connect my watchlist to sonarr/radarr is even more awesome, but I figure that would mean a lot of additional work and some trouble within sorting which is for radarr and which would be for sonarr (movie vs series).

At least being able to add the series in sonarr would be nice since at the moment something like “good omens” & “watchmen” cannot be added yet in sonarr which is kind of annoying.

Hope you guys will finally “consider” this more seriously :slight_smile:


The series would need to exist on TheTVDB before you could add it, but there is already:

There is also:

But no short term plans for that.


Ah good, only saw shut down topics from 3 years back so thought it wasn’t being considered.
Unfortunate that they don’t see it as a higher priority.
Went for a solution to the TVDB itself first but apparently they keep removing some series for various reasons (for example being a sports category), and aren’t bothered to “fix” it since most of the time they say it works as intended.

Good to know sonarr may have future plans for IMDB input though :slight_smile:

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