Idea - Binge Download

Is there an option to wait until the end of a series and download the series in one go?
The binge watch option

I think you’re thinking download season pack only. I would like that option as well for when an entire season drops the same day.

Yep, that’s another way of putting the idea.
If you select the season pack, it would also be interesting to show that date in the calendar.

You could use a Must Not Contain release profile that rejects individual episodes, something like:


And we are suppose to under stand what looks like gibberish to us? Much easier for a feature to be added for when adding a show to check a box for season packs only.

lol, one of the drivers of the profiles was to allow all kinds of flexibility like “prefer/only seasons packs”…

Just went through the profile settings and I see nothing to do a per show profile.

First, you’re welcome.

Second, if you want a breakdown of what that regex means, use, but like I said it will match titles with individual episodes in them.

Lastly, see the Tags field at the bottom of the Release Profile, the description for which is:

Release profiles will apply to series with at least one matching tag. Leave blank to apply to all series.


Sonarr > Settings > Custom Formats > Add (custom format) > Add (condition) > Release Type > Season Pack

Then clone whatever Quality Profile(s) you’re using (e.g. 720p), and configure the new one (e.g. 720p-SO) with a high score for the Season Pack CF, and the original with a low or even negative score for it (adjusting your Minimum and Upgrade Until Custom Format Scores as appropriate for each).

Finally, go to Sonarr > Series > Select Series select the series you want to have as season-only, click Edit, change the Quality Profile to 720p-SO, and apply changes.

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