I made a bookmarklet to toggle the UI so you can see the TV Series Art

Hi All,

I thought I would share a bookmarklet I made that will toggle the UI in Sonarr when viewing a TV Series so you can see the TV Series artwork.

To create it here is what you do:

  1. Create a book mark in your browser and put it in your Bookmarks Bar.
  2. Right click on the bookmark and edit and in the URL put the following (without the outer quotes):
    “javascript:$(‘div.container, div#page’); if ($(‘div.container, div#page’).is(’:visible’)) { $(‘div.container, div#page’).hide(); } else { $(‘div.container, div#page’).show(); }”
  3. Give it a meaningful name and save.

In Sonarr go to a TV Series where it lists all the epps and has the cool background images and click the new bookmarklet you just made.
Click it once and it will hide everything but the background image, and click it a second time and it will bring it all back.


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