I don't have access to sonarr in my external ip adresses

OS: Win10
Description of issue: Hello,

I’ve been using sonarr for a long time.
However I have a problem, I can’t get onto Sonarr at all from my external ip address, whereas with Radarr it works perfectly.

Do you have a solution please?


Start with the FAQ:


I’m coming back to you because I’ve read the document and I still can’t access my site from outside, even if I change the site’s port.

thank you for helping me !

I’ll add that I’ve even changed PCs where sonarr is installed and it doesn’t work, whereas RADARR doesn’t have a problem.

I’ve checked the settings on my internet box and there’s no blockage.

I’m having the same issue on Windows. Running Sonarr, Radarr, Sab on Windows Server. I can’t access the interface on any of them using IP address on Windows 11. I can access with IP address on my Android and Apple devices. There were recent updates installed on both Windows machines

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