I am now familiar with Sonarr, I would like to ask for help with one thing.

Hello everyone!

Now I’m familiar with sonar, but there’s one thing I can’t do or set up.

A Synology Nas server has 2 shared folders.
One folder contains Docker, which runs Sonarr, and Jackett, and qBittorrent.

The other shared folder contains the media libraries, divided into 4 categories.

In Jackett, I set the torrent page from which I want to download, it works.
I set up the download client in Sonarr, it also works.

I set up the root directories in Sonarr, all four of them.
I also saw the previous media files when I specified the root directories as well
it also shows the existing series when importing.

When I search for a new series, it finds them without a problem.
When I select the series I want to download, I can select it
to which of the four root folders do I want to download it.

When I selected which root folder I wanted the download to, qBittorrent
it starts downloading, but not to the selected folder, but to a folder called downloads.

Can someone help me with what and where and how I should set it up so that
to download what I selected to the root folder and not to the folder called downloads?

Sorry for the question, but as I wrote, I’m a beginner in Sonarr, I’m just getting to know it.

Thank you for your help in advance.

(my English is not correct, but I hope I managed to describe it in a way that is understandable)

That’s working as designed. Your download client should never put files straight in sonarr’s root folder.
It’s the task of sonarr to check the download client for completed downloads, and move them to the root folder.

Hi @Thirrian

I understand what you wrote, but I still don’t know how to get them into the folder where I want them.


Sonarr was successfully installed.

It currently downloads the torrent to a folder, and then copies it to the folder I want it in.
But this way it takes up double space.
Is there a solution to this so that it does not take up a double seat?

Probably poor paths: Synology - TRaSH Guides

The folder structure corresponds to what was described, only the names are different.
If you have downloaded the torrent, move it to a specific destination folder from the download location. Can this be?