How to work with foreign languages

Because I saw here a lot of questions why quality exceeds the language (which I still do not understand, why this will not be changed) and I also had a long time to figure it out how to work with this anyway, I think it could be helpfull for others, If I explaine here my setup which works just perfect.

In my Case, I allways preferr German Audio with DL/ML (Dual/Multi Language). If no DL/ML release will be found, it should fetch German only. If this also isn’t available, it should fetch the english one with german subtitles and if this also isn’t available, it should download the english one.
Of course this can be changed as needed.

  1. In “Settings -> Profiles”, create a profile where you put all wanted Sources in to one group, that it will be threated as the same (we will handle this later). In my case, it’s all 720P and 1080P Releases except Remux.

  2. Go to “Settings -> Media Management”, be sure that advanced options are enabled and switch “Propers and Repacks” to “Do not Prefer”, because we don’t want, that a perfect Multilanguage Release will be replaced by an english one which is proper. We will handle this in the next step.

  3. Go to “Settings -> Profiles” again and create a Release Profile, where we will handle now the sources and Proper/Repacks. Language and Quality (720P, 1080P) will be handeled later.
    In my Case it should prefer Bluray Releases. If this isn’t available, it will fetch Web-DL/WebRip Releases next. You could add WebDL, WebRip, Web-DL etc. in all possible ways, but i figured out, that if you just add “Web” it’s okay. Because Web-DL Releases also depending on the source (Amazon, Netflix, hulu, etc.) I made this more specific (see screenshot). Check that the score of Bluray is higher as “Web” and the Subweb (E.g. AMZN) score together.
    Because HDTV should only be used if nothing else will be found, I gave them a small minus score.
    Add also Proper and Repack with a small +score, that it will prefer those.
    And at the latest, add “Sub” with a minus score, that subbed files also will not be preferred.

“Include Preferred when Renaming” should be disabled, because we can add the Source in the Renaming tab directly. Also, do not add any tags for this profile, except you want to have different scenarios for this. But then, you have to add this tag to every series manually.

  1. Now we will take care of the languages. For this, create a new Release Profile.
    Add a high score for your preferred Language, that this will always be used first, no mather if there is a better quality/source in an other language.

Because I also prefer DL/ML releases, I added them also with a high score. Because a Web-DL Release also contains DL and we don’t want that Web-DL Releases will get a such high score of this, we will add a regex, instead of just the word DL.

I enabled here the “Include Preferred when Renaming” and added it in the renaming format (coming later), that the Language and DL/ML flag will be added to the filename. This will be helpfull, if you have to import the allready downloaded files again at a later time (e.g. Sonarr DB crashed), that sonarr still will know that this is a German DL release.

If you want to have different language profiles for series, you can also add a Tag. But then you have to add this tag to every serie, where you want to use this language profile.

  1. Now we will take care of the Quality (720P, 1080P, etc.).
    For this, add for each quality you want to use a different Release profile, where you just add “720” or “1080” with a positive score. Depending on, if the source (Bluray, WebDL, HDTV) or the quality (720P, 1080P, 4K) is more important to you, the positive score is higher or lower. Add here also as a tag the quality, that we can set later on every serie which quality should be preferes. (Add the wanted tag to every serie)

In my case, I prefer a 720P Bluray release instead of a 1080P HDTV release, even if I would like to have a 1080P Bluray Release at the end. So I added a +2 score. If a bluray release will be find both in 720p and 1080p, it will still use the prefered quality.
If the quality is more important to you than the source, add a score which is higher as your highest possible quality score a release can get (eg. +15), but which is still lower than you language profile.

If you want to have any serie in 1080P anyway and don’t need the possibility to switch between 1080P and 720P, you don’t need to add any tags and you can just add a one profile with 1080, 720 with a +2/+1 (or +16/+15) score.

  1. Add a language Profile, where you add all your needed languages. Check that upgrades allowed is selected.

  2. In Settings -> Media Management add the Preferred Words to your Episode Format.
    In my example it’s:
    {Series Title} - S{season:00}E{episode:00}{ - Preferred Words}{ - Quality Full} - {MediaInfo VideoCodec} {MediaInfo AudioCodec} {MediaInfo AudioChannels}{ - Release Group}

  3. Now, just add any series you want. Keep in mind, that you have to add the 720P/1080P tags from the created release profiles in step 5 to every series, that it knows if it should prefer 720P or 1080P

I hope I was able to help some peoples who had the same problem as me.

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