How to use an indexer just for a specific profile


Sonarr version (exact version): Version
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows): Mono Version
OS: Ubuntu 16.04.
Description of issue: Is it possible to somehow specify which indexer to use for which profile? Example: I have an indexer I would just use for a profile with a different language and I want that this indexer is not used for other profiles.
I deleted the values in the categories-field, but it is still used. Btw: are the categories explained somewhere?



It’s not possible to specify which indexer is beeing used for a profile.

found a link with a little explaination when using google on reddit.

And some more info:



thank you for the information … I think I will then create a feature request for that. I think it could be quite usefull, especially if you want to somehow controll which content is being sourced by specific indexers.


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