How to stop previous shows from DL

I had to delete some older files from my drive as I was running out of space and now Sonarr is redownloading those files. How do I stop this from occurring, please and thank you in advance?

unmonitor the series so that sonarr doesnt download it.

open the series and the “flag” icon on the series page, it should be hollow, not solid, if you dont want it to download. eg;

that is monitored

if you click on the flag icon it will toggle to unmonitored

you can also unmonitor series from other pages as well, but this is the simplest way if you just want one changed

btw, you should probably unmonitor seasons once they end, it helps to stop the download of those if they come out years later on dvd/blueray but you dont overly care. if you do care and want them upgraded then dont unmonitor them

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Thank you. I wasn’t aware of the monitor option until now. Much appreciated :smile: ) Question though, If I turn off monitor does it stop future new series from DL. I only want the previous series now to DL?

If you don’t want previous seasons to be grabbed, unmonitor them, if you don’t want the entire series to be grabbed, unmonitor the whole series.

You can use season pass to speed up doing this for multiple series.