How to sort by absolute order

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OS: Ubuntu 22.04
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Description of issue: Sort by absolute order

Is it possible to sort by absolute order? I’m trying to get Cowboy Bebop sorted and it’s always by air date order. The absolute order is listed in parentheses, but there’s no option I see to sort by it.

If you turn off season folders and rename to only include the absolute episode numbers in a format that Sonarr can correctly parse as being absolute ordering you should be able to rename everything correctly.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve unchecked Use Season Folder and the files are in the series title folder. I’ve updated the Episode Naming for Anime to the following, but it still sorts by the air date. Is there any specific naming format you suggest?
{Series TitleYear} {absolute:000} - {Episode CleanTitle} [{Custom Formats }{Quality Full}]{[MediaInfo VideoDynamicRange]}[{MediaInfo VideoBitDepth}bit]{[MediaInfo VideoCodec]}[{Mediainfo AudioCodec} { Mediainfo AudioChannels}]{MediaInfo AudioLanguages}{-Release Group}

The files are sorted based on how they are linked in Sonarr, if your existing files follow a different order then Sonarr will match them to the wrong episodes and you would need to manually fix that via Manage Episodes, after that it could rename them in absolute order.