How to send downloads over the Sabnzbd

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Windows 11 Pro

How do I get sonnar the stop deleting finished downloadeds?

settings > download clients
open the one for your download client that you dont want it to delete for
and down at the bottom turn off the two options

For Usenet Sonarr always moved completed downloads to the series folder.

If you turn off Completed Download Handling then Sonarr will not import them, but it’ll also see everything as missing.

why the inconsistency?

i never thought to disable it, but shouldnt it be spelt out on the option that its functionality is extremely different for usenet vs torrent clients? to the point where a normal person would consider it a bug that its not importing.

i mean the code knows whether its a usenet or torrent client, so it shouldnt be difficult to have different wording/warnings based on the type of client its for.

It’s functionality isn’t any different, downloads that don’t need to seed or have completed seeding are moved during the import process. Enabling Remove Completed also removes the item from history (or queue if the client doesn’t differentiate that between queue and history, like most torrent clients).

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