How to prepare for next season?


Do you have any tips or dos/don’ts for the next season?

I have a bunch of shows that are cancelled on my list, should I remove them or just let them die in there ?
My main concern is that if the will still be checked for new episodes therefore hitting up my API limit from NZB?

Is there a limit on the database of how many shows I should have? I assume it will be double up when I insert the new shows so I’m worried if the interface will be slow down or something.

Many thanks.

Thats not how Sonarr checks for releases, the ((FAQ)) has an explanation. They could still be grabbed if monitored and the cutoff hasn’t been met yet.

I’ve heard people having 1500, there will be some slow down fetching series information from the API, which will slow down the initial loading and may also affect the loading of the main page.

ah ok markus, the FAQ was quite explanatory.
1500 ?!
Damn and i thought with my ~100 shows i had too much :slight_smile: