How to handle Futurama 2023 episodes

Does anyone have an idea on how to deal with the Futurama mess? How the episodes were numbered and uploaded to Usenet years and years ago is conflicting with TheTVDB “split cour” format and is causing Sonarr to grab the OLD S08E01 version and not the 2023 S08E01 version.

I guess I’ll manually add them in the mean time?


I have the same question, yep…
It seems a solution would be to allow to retrieve a different ordering from THETVDB, e.g. Streaming order, which seems to be related to this: Get DVD ordering from thetvdb · Issue #255 · Sonarr/Sonarr · GitHub

Futurerama S08E01 was grabbed just fine by Sonarr here.

all of my sources have S08E01 as something released years ago so everything that was grabbed was wrong. I had to do it manually for S11E01.

I’m also looking for a solution and have not found anything yet.

I honestly don’t know what you guys are doing wrong, but I thought the show had ended and remove it awhile back. I added it back the day before yesterday, uncheck seasons 1 through 7, waited and Sonarr downloaded the correct Futurerama S08E01.

As you can see, if I tell Sonarr to grab the 2nd episode of the 2023 version, it’s going to grab the one posted YEARS ago due to TheTVDB using ‘split cour’ numbering.

On rlslog, when the latest episode was uploaded, some were named as S11E01 and other links used S08E01.

Something funny/odd though… I just had Sonarr look for the 2023 S08E01 episode and the ONLY hits that came back were 3 days old and there were no references to S08 from years and years ago.

Maybe the glitch is fixed?

Yes, things are confusing with Futurama.
My sources have the latest episode as Season 11. Season 8 does download in Full, but are totally the wrong episodes

This is like the American Dad problem. What happened with Futurama is they created the four Futurama movies then later segmented them into episodes. Some recognise these as part of the series and some don’t. For example IMDB recognises Bender’s Big Score as S06E01-E16 which takes in a small part of the following movie Into The Wild Green Yonder whereas TMDB recognises it as Rebirth.
The episode that downloads is correct as S08E01 Neutopia according to IMDB but not TVDB. Some people have uploaded it with the incorrect name attached.

Yep, I know what is happening and why. I would like to have a straightforward way to solve it though, and that would be the ability to change the ordering to Streaming order/„Alternate Ordering“ using TVDB API v4 (which the referred GitHub issue is about)
Unfortunately the issue is locked for comments.
I wonder if the v4 API is still that buggy or not.

Surely the old episodes shouldn’t be turning up on the RSS feeds?

That would be for the worthless TVDB to finally be dropped for TMDB which is far more accurate, or for allowing the enduser to choose which service they want to use.

So you’re going to write all that code so sonarr can consume tmdb’s api? :wink:

Can Sonnarr not just have an option not to automatically grab things which were uploaded years prior to the air date that Sonarr already knows about? Releases with an age lower than the time since the episode officially aired should be preferred to releases made before (accounting for the edge-case of rips that get put out before the official release, it’s still unlikely for them to get put out more than a month prior, and they’re usually of lower quality).

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