How to filter title keywords for monitored series?

I am monitoring a TV series for new episodes.

When a new episode is found, I want to automatically download the new/found episode.

However, I want to filter the search title so the automatic episode download is correctly chosen specified by a filter.

For example, I only want to download episodes that have the keywords: X265, 720P, T0PAZ.

Is there a solution for what I am asking for?


In the above screenshot, I was hoping for a way to filter the search.

Sonarr version (exact version):

Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):


Thank you.

Thank you for the link…I followed the instruction. I’m not 100% sure I understand, and not intuitive for me.

Here’s what I did…

Release Profile:

  1. Create Release Profile (Settings-> Profiles -> Release Profiles).
    a. Add “keywords” to “preferred” with a score of 100.
    b. Create a “tag”. This tag will match the tag on the Series tag.


  1. Add/create a tag on the series that match the Release Profile tag. I assume this is how you link a Series to a Release Profile.


Looks right, but I’d use /[xh][.]?265/i instead of X265

720p isn’t needed, just create a quality profile that only allows 720p.

Your paths look poor and result in IO intensive imports and double space for all torrents. See the docker guide or trash’s hardlink guide and fix your paths

Thank you.

The problem I have now is the scenario when there’s a new TV episode, and the first release isn’t TOPAZ. Therefore my “Preferred” settings will select a release that isn’t TOPAZ (e.g. MeGusta).

I’m looking for something similar to “Must Contain”, except release must contain all terms.

That’s exactly what must contain is…you can add multiple terms to it.

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