How to deal with Part 1 & Part 2 episodes?

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I am curious how to deal with part 1 and part 2 episodes?

For example: The Long Road Home show:

Its episode one is part 1 and part 2 and sonarr doesn’t know how to deal with it… I tried force mapping on my own but now it only detects part 2 as episode 1. Any ideas? I am sure there are other shows that do the same. It also had a very hard time importing these, I had to manually copy and paste.

2022-09-13 08_39_17-Window

Not supported

1 episode can only have 1 video file

Use mkvmerge to combine the two files

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Dang, I was afraid of that. I was trying to avoid that as it messes up the release itself. I’ll probably just watch this show and purge it instead if holding onto it.