How to create your own Indexer

Well Guys, It is happening. More and More we are seeing the usenet indexers take a hit. The torrent side is so wild now that any attempt to download something even with VPN on takes forever or has a hicup and locks a system up. At one point I had 2 Usenet indexers I paid for on top of my subscription with 2 usenet providers. Was paying close to $50.00 a month. I had a bunch of free also in Sonarr. All ran great but then I lost one of my Indexers and I still had time on them. They just packed their bags and left. Now my second Indexer has jumped ship also. Not even the first time for them but "What the Hey"
Now the free sites are turning the screws and more and more, it is getting tough just to set and forget it.

The question is " How do you create your own Indexer for Usenet?" There has got to be a easy step book or guide to make that happen. It seems that the Indexers are being pummeled so the answer is to take on the task ourselves if it is possible. All of the Presets in Sonarr have gone away and nothing remains but 1 or 2. Most others are now closed with invites only and you need a pass from the POPE to get in. I even lost my slot in AirDC because I can’t spend 24/7 online all the time. I do have a small life from the computer and I still try to make some money. I also like to watch TV when “I” want to not when someone else tells me to sit down and watch.

Hope this comes across as not Doomsday but just asking.

Hope you have some BIG disks…

I read the guide, seems you still need a usenet server account and does not seem to fix the issue. You still need an account with someone.

So you want to become a usenet provider, not an indexer?

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