How to Auto import Unknown quality?

I’m running Sonarr Version on Win 10.

I am finding some episodes are not being downloaded due to having “Unknown” Quality.

I assume the issue is formatting of the file name at drunkenslug, not having a dot between 2020 and HD720p. Which results in the unknown quality. But I can’t fix this.

I have 21 entries for quality profiles in Sonarr settings, including “Unknown”.

But only 5 quality profiles are selectable for a series (no “unknnown”), plus an “any” option.

I have the series set to “any”, but it will still not download file with “unknown” qualities.

I have searched the forums for this but most users had this issue years ago, and the fixes are not valid for the current Sonarr.

I can manually go though and download them fine, but is there a way to auto download them?


Settings > Quality is to define the min/max file sizes for each quality.

Settings > Profiles > Quality Profiles is where you create a profile (which qualities do you want in that profile and until which quality do you want to upgrade).
Edit one of those or create a new one and select Unknown as well if that is what you want to download, and edit the series to use that profile in case you create a new one.

(The actual reason why that release didn’t download is visible when you hover over the exclamation point on the right.)

Perfect thanks!