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I have searched a bit without finding the solution, so hopefully someone can guide me down the right track.

When renaming, i would like to use the Preferred words that i sort/download on, but it seems like it’s not really using them at all when renaming

Preferred words include NORDiC, 1080, 720, 264 etc.

If i use the following just to see what it would rename to:

{Series Title}.S{season:00}E{episode:00}.{Preferred Words}

On this Org Filename:
Season 18/Family.Guy.S18E19.NORDiC.720p.WEB-DL.H.264-NBRETAiL.mkv

Renamed would be:
Season 18/Family Guy.S18E19.mkv

What i would expect in case above:
Season 18/Family Guy.S18E19.NORDiC.720.264.mkv

Do i have something wrong in it, to get the Preferred words to work ?

Why? Use quality profiles to control that.

You should include x/h as well, either use regex /[xh]264/ or separate terms.

You probably want to use {Preferred.Words} so they’ll be separated by periods instead of spaces, also make sure you checked off Include Preferred when Renaming in the release profile.

Thanks for pointer, ill make sure to check Them in The morning :slight_smile:

Reason for having 1080, 720 etc, with value, is since it’s needed, in case you want to have local subbed releases over quality, from what i experiance.

Example: a Nordic subbed 720p, Would get deleted by sonarr over a 1080 none subbed by standard due to Wanting highest quality.

Therefore, all qualities are equal in my profile, and weighed on prefered Word to ensure i get First release nomatter if there are subs or not.

But if a subbed version is out it Will replace it, and then only a higher quality subbed release Will take its place.

Made a feature request for it a bit back and got The advice on how to make it Work (and Works fine, even tho it’s an ugle Way to do it)

Gotcha, what you’re doing makes sense then, that’s the only way to achieve it and eventually end up 1080p and all the options you want.

a follow up, in case other come down the same road :slight_smile:
i cleaned up so i only had 1 profile (had one for anime and one for all others) in order to allow for preferred when renaming - since it was only possible of there was only one profile.

{Series Title}.S{season:00}E{episode:00}.{Preferred.Words} worked fine aswell :slight_smile:
thanks for the help.

one thing in the future that would be nice to have, is what preferred words should be using in the renaming process - etc. if you give a surtain group peference with +25 in value, but you don’t want it in the renaming afterwards. - but nice to have not need to have

You do that at the profile level. Have one profile for words you want included and another for words you do not.

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