How stable is v3?

Currently I’m running v2 and it works perfect. I’m thinking of upgrading to v3 though, but I’m just wondering how stable it is since it’s still in beta. Besides some new features is there any other benefits to upgrading?

If I do upgrade I assume I just make a backup in sonarr, download the v3 and the restore the backup right?

V3 is not in beta and was released stable back in mid-March.

V2 is EOL and obsolete.

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How easy it is depends on the OS. The website has install instructions for the operating systems we support ourselves. But yes, the general gist is to make a backup first.

Thanks everyone, I had no idea it was out of beta! It’s was super easy to upgrade. Also, Is there a list of all the new features? This list here has some features that have been denied, so I’m not sure what’s new or not.

OK thank you!

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