How "Restrictions" and specific tags works (I don't understand)

Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: Windows Server 2019
Description of issue:

I’ve seen a lot of “topics” about how to tell Sonarr to download only that exact version (which keeps those words). What I don’t understand is …
I have 3 series (an example):

The first I want you to download only the version: FanSub1;
The second instead: SubFan1;
The third: Naf Bus 1 (which has some spaces in the name of the group, eg: [Anime Time]);

  1. How can I understand if for Anime1 it will download FanSub1 and not SubFan1 (which for particular reasons their version came out 4 hours before).
  2. If the group name has spaces, how do I put it in the tags? Because on “MUST COUNT” you can put spaces and [special characters] but in tags you can’t.

So in summary, I would like you to download its own version for specific (anime) series (each series).
As it is configured now, In “must contain”, there are the names of all groups (ex, FanSub1; SubFan1 and [Naf Bus 1]) and in the tags their respective names (except for Naf Bus 1 which cannot put with spaces). I don’t understand if
Anime1 <-> FanSub1
Anime1> SubFan1 (because SubFan1 like FanSub1 releases the same series but 4 hours earlier).

Thanks in advance (I hope I didn’t make a mistake in making a topic, in case I apologize in advance).

You would use Must Contain and the group name, for ones with spaces, use regex /naf\sbus\s1/i. Then for the tag (which is lower case and can't have spaces), I'd use naf-bus-1m fan-sub-1 or sub-fan-1, then set the same tag on the series you want to apply it to. You’d need to create 3 separate profiles for the 3 separate rules.

Profiles? With profiles I can choose the quality, the language and the cutoff. I can delay them. I use 2 now, one for multi-sub releases and one for my language releases.
What I don’t understand is how sonarr uses tags. If in the list of tags (indexers) I have 20 “tags” and 21 “must”, in the anime I only put 1 of these tags. Will that series download the first release that contains one of the “musts”? or does it connect to the tag (eg, FanSub1 in must <-> FanSub1 in tags)? Thanks in for the reply.

Nothing, I’m stupid. I have now seen the wrench to add more rules. In fact it seemed strange to me how sonarr associates both must and tags in a single set. Thanks anyway for your patience and for your RegEX response.