How are those on Arch affected

Moving from Develop to Main

Now that v4 has released, the develop and main branches are currently equal. On systems that support automatic updates through Sonarr you should be redirected back to main automatically. Otherwise please update you branch and updates as necessary if you’d like to return to main releases.

Users that wish to stay on develop will need to manually change their branch after updating to at least

I would like to know how do we migrate back to the main without breaking Sonarr? In the past removing the dev version and installing the main rease would break sonarr. Would break it badly enough that one could not go back to the dev version to get it working again.

Thanks and congrats on the new release.

How about an actual reply to this?

Since this is an Arch package question, it wouldn’t have been crazy to ask as a comment on the sonarr aur package. Right now, the db is still compatible so you can just paru -S sonarr and you’ll switch to the main branch.

The other part is not really true. If your db is too new for an old version, it just won’t work. You can then go back to that too new or newer version and it’ll be fine. Worst case, you could use a backup.

Good luck.

While I appreciate the information do not ever tell me what is or isn’t true again. I along with others have experienced it. Let’s not try to make the program look better by whitewashing a known issue. As for asking here is what makes sense since this IS the support forum for Sonarr. There is no using a backup if switching branches breaks Sonarr.

That’s one way to thank someone for responding to you, but in addition to being the AUR package maintainer for Sonarr and others has been helping people with Sonarr for years.

I don’t think we’ve ever seen a case when going to main from develop has left the DB in a state that it no longer works with develop, but if it did, that’s what using a backup is for as fry said.

I’m going to say Fry and right and you’re being overly aggressive and combative for no reason, which is not needed nor welcomed here.


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