Hotkey for Saving TV Series' Edit Screen to Sonarr

We can save TV series edits via CTRL+S by downloading an HTML file, but there be a hotkey implemented for the same functionality as the Edit screen’s Save button?
ATM, we are typing an edited Sonarr target directory, for example, and have to switch back to the mouse, track down the cursor, and hit the Save button.

If we’re already using the keyboard in order to type on the Edit screen implementing a hotkey combo to Save and Close the Edit box is extremely helpful - especially when editing multiple TV series’ Sonarr pages.

As part of this feature, it’d also be helpful to use Tab for scrolling through all Edit fields, including Tags. After the Tags field, hitting Tab again should select the Save button, so we hit Enter to Save/Close that edit.

this exists, no?


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Yessir, and it’s lovely.

I had to think about this one for a bit.
I was trying CTRL+S and thought Sonarr was executing the action to save an HTML copy of the current website, but my Save Settings hotkey issue was with Chrome all along.

Even while inside a Sonarr Edit box, the CTRL+S hotkey executes the usual Chrome action of trying to save an HTML copy of the web page. I’m not sure how to unmap a default Chrome hotkey, in order to get Sonarr’s CTRL+S hotkey to take precedence. Maybe Chrome’s CTRL+S hotkey always takes precedence, so the Save Settings hotkey should get changed to Shift+S or Alt+S? I’ve tried the other hotkeys within Sonarr and they all work just fine.

I’m not sure of the solution and tried searching the WikiArr for “hotkey,” but got No Results.

Besides that, there is still a feature request in here. I’d like for the Edit box’s Tab key to move the cursor all the way through the fields. Right now, it stops short of the Tags field. Starting at the Monitored selection, Tab moves the cursor selection through the fields in sequence, but should also move through Tags and then select the Save button. While the Save button is selected, it’d also enable the Enter key to Save Settings.

Thanks for your help

Sonarr v3.0.6.1342 for 64-bit Windows and Chrome v96.0.4664.110.

Happy Holidays

Just wanted to update this topic that I was perusing my Plex web player’s front end and found the proposed solution.
They use the Shift+S hotkey for the Save Modal action. Maybe that’s so that CTRL + S (Servarr installs) don’t get their hotkey superseded by Chrome’s default CTRL+S operation.

There is also the matter of Tab being able to cycle through all fields on the Edit screen. Both of these issues seem duplicated for Radarr, so let me know if this is something in the Servarr framework that needs updating. I’ll repost it wherever necessary.

I’m also curious how many if most people are able to Save Modal with CTRL+S or have the same problem as me, with Chrome taking over that hotkey and trying to save an HTML file of the current web page. No one else has piled on this topic, so maybe there is some Chrome extension

Upon closer inspection of Chrome’s defaults, this seems like less of a feature request and more of a bug.

Chrome’s default hotkey for CTRL+S is to save an HTML copy of a web page. Sonarr’s Save Modal function should simply get moved to a different key combination - one that isn’t superseded by Chrome’s default hotkeys.

Since Chrome jumps out in front of Sonarr’s hotkey, I haven’t found whether the Sonarr function simply Saves or Save/Closes the modal. Ideally, it’d Save/Close the modal, so the user continues moving.

Implementing Shift + S for Save/Close Modal and
Tab to cycle through all Edit fields summarizes everything

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