Hide shows from 'missing' filter

It would be nice to be able to ‘hide’ shows, or even better, hide shows unless new episodes are released.

Heres an example of what i mean:

I have a show that has 6 seasons.
This show aired 8 years ago
I have all 6 seasons, but am missing 2 episodes from season 2, and there’s little hope of ever getting those episodes.
When filtering shows by ‘missing episodes’, this show remains there.

I would like to be able to hide this show, but have sonarr continue to monitor these episodes on the off chance they ever become available.
However, if this show continues and new seasons are added, it will become visible again for future episodes, but go back to hidden once these have downloaded.

As far as im aware, the only way to hide them currently is to unmonitor these episodes.

Thanks in advance

So basically filter by the show status (continuing)?

Thanks for your response.

Kind of, but that would show all shows that are continuing rather than shows that are missing an episode or 2 due to, for example, only having nzb’s with a file size that is greater than what is in your settings.

A custom filter of ‘continuing’ and ‘missing episodes’ would get me closer to the required results, but as far as i can see, there is no option for ‘missing episodes’ when setting a custom filter.

Sure there is :slight_smile:

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Oh wow, I did not know that!
Well that coupled with Continuing and a Previous airing filter and has got me what I wanted.

Thanks a lot for your responses.
Much appreciated :pray:

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