Help with Failed to import episode, Destination already exists

Downloaded - Waiting to Import

One or more episodes expected in this release were not imported or missing


  • Failed to import episode, Destination already exists.

Sonarr will grab shows correctly and nzbget downloads them just fine. The file will be moved to the location it is supposed to go to. This is a synology share. Sonarr will then claim the import failed and continue to attempt to import the show over and over. The pushover notification never gets sent for show downloaded and the show does not get removed from folder.

I have looked for an answer to this issue to no avail. Any help would be much appreciated.

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This is a symptom of a failed import or an import from outside of Sonarr with the same name, you’ll need to look at logs back to the original failure to determine why it failed as well as why it failed to clean up.

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