Help Setting Up Sonarr Link

I downloaded the Sonarrlink app from Google Play and need help setting it up

I don’t plan on using it remotely outside of my home network

Any help on what to input to get this to work, would be very appreciated

What’s up?

I configured it on my LAN:

Entered a profile name
Used the Hostname rather than an ip address
Enter the API Key from your Sonarr web interface (Settings / General) - note that in my case the last character of the API key was off the right hand side of the edit field.

Worked for me first time out.

I’ve been trying to get this to work as well from my work so i can access it remotely. I’ve had no luck. I tried emailing the dev but never got a reply. There really should be a tutorial for this thing. I don’t know what i’m supposed to put as my IP address. everything i’ve tried fails.


I’ve embedded a screenshot from my 2nd try at a profile (I used an IP address this time).

Remember that the API key is available from the Settings / General page within Sonarr.

Bear in mind this is on my LAN, if you’re trying to connect from outside your LAN - you’ll need to sort out some port forwarding from your router and have either a static WAN IP or make use of a Dynamic DNS service. All of which is beyond the scope of this forum, I would think.

thanks - i tried setting up some port forwarding rules on my router but none seemed to work. I’ll try from inside my network tonight b/c outside is just now working at all.

I just set mine up to access from outside my local network. The test connection never worked but i just created the profile anyway and then refreshed the dashboard and it connected right up.

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