Help getting English subs on anima

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OS: pios
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I’m having a lot of trouble getting English subs only to download with anime. It’s becoming quite a pain re-grabbing correct subs for the kids.:stuck_out_tongue:
I have a profile rule that was mostly working but now for whatever reason I seem to mostly get episodes subbed in French instead of English and I can’t seem to figure out why it’s doing that. I also get episodes subbed with English sometimes…
It’s kind of frustrating how complicated this seems to be to get working :frowning:
I could really use some help with either a better profile or a better way to do this, so when I download anime, regardless of source that it always has English subs, regardless of any others.
I added a must not contain French, but didn’t seem to help…
I’ve tried controlling specific indexers in any indexer…
If there’s an easy button for the sort of thing, I’d sure appreciate somebody pointed it out :grimacing:

Really nobody else has this issue? What are people doing to get correct English subs on anime every time?

I recommend switching to sonarr v4 and use Custom Formats for this.

Here is a whole guide for exactly what you need.

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