Help deciphering download order

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: win 10 latest
Debug logs: provided upon request
(Make sure debug logging is enabled in settings and post the full log to hastebin/pastebin/dropbox/google drive or something similar, do not post them directly here. Post in .txt not .doc, .rtf or some other formatted document)
Description of issue:

I gather from most of my posts, it is user error or not understanding how the app works completely despite considerable amount of reading/research. I am trying to answer my own questions, but these linger:

I keep running into two issues that make me scratch my head.

  1. Please confirm: when I do a manual search, the results reflect what automatic search would use and in the order, it would be downloaded.

  2. When I do a manual search, it searches by quality first as a first-order sort and clicking on a column to change the sort order actually changes the 2nd order search to that column instead of searching first order by that column. Is this by design or is this a bug? If it is by design, why? (use case: I want to sort by seeds, download the file with the most. It seems to be the most used use case, but I can not do this.)

  3. If I have all my indexes are set to a minimum of 7 seeds, why am I getting results in a manual search that have less? I verified all my interactive is the same as automatic, and they all have 7 set at a minimum

4)custom filters seem to be broken. I tried setting a custom filter to only show results with minimum seeds of 10, but the results do not reflect this. Why?

thanks !!!

  1. Yes
  2. Order in interactive search is for your benefit, it doesn’t change how Sonarr processes the results.
  3. All results are displayed, not just ones that meet your settings, they’ll show as rejected
  4. I haven’t found any issues with this, can you post a screenshot of the custom filter and the results?
  1. I’m confused by your answer.
    Interactive search results I thought I read shows the results as automatic uses. So the ones with less than the number of minimum seeds - are these then skipped?

The other question is why can’t I sort by seeds and get this list? It currently forces the upper cutoff limit to be the sort order. Why would anyone want that to be forced? (for example I often have shows that are only available in 720, but there are 1080 results with no seeds… I’m just trying to sort files that I can download - ones with seeds)


Yes, they will also indicate that in the UI (hover over the red alert icon).

You can filter by seeders and sort by peers.

No, you can’t. The filters do not work. See screen shots below. V3 latest BTW. I tried filtering for seeds more than 11, but the results still contain all.

I’m stuck, and although I am reporting this, I keep getting that I’m wrong…?

When I try to sort by seeds, it does not sort properly. It sorts by resolution, then sorts by whatever column you click on.

This happens on android Chrome/Samsung browser, win 10 chrome, Firefox.
The screen shots with peers with the arrow shows the results I get when I click on it. I’m shocked to see your screen shot, it seems to be what I would expect. What sonarr version are you on, and what browser/system?

Filter by seeds does nothing. Did you try it?

Are you using some sort of plugin to modify sonarr’s interface? I’d start by disabling all that and try again.

Full disclosure, I tested this a about 5 times over the last couple months, again a few days ago, the screen shots are from 3+days ago.

I checked again just now, and filter is working.

However, the sort still doesn’t work. In fact after two clicks it stops working entirely.

Yes, works for me, the exact same filter you’re using works for me.

Running in docker.
Chrome on Windows 10.

I’m not seeing this behaviour.

What show, and what filter? I checked again, and indeed it is filtering some, but not all.
I would like to check a show you are to see if it is just a specific download that happens to work

So Filter does not work for me I suspect because I have a dozen torrent indexers and I get hundreds of results, mostly are 0.

So My question still stands about filters AND with the sort when you have multiple formats available. Anyone?

Not sure offhand which show that was for, though I don’t think I had a filter applied for that sort.

The number of results shouldn’t matter, but that’s a difference, unless there is something else client side.

In just suggesting, by finding one with lots of results (popular) you will likely get my results… I have a ton of indexers, so I get tons of results anyway

I’m I the only one who sees this?

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