Has Sonarr deleted all my media? 3000+ files missing

Mono Version 6.4.0
OS unraid 6.8.3

Debug log

UI Screenshot

I have been using Sonarr and unraid for several years without a problem but recently discovered all my TV media has been deleted from the server. All the folders and subfolders for series and seasons remain intact but the media files themselves are all gone, so this isn’t some accidental wipe of my TV media folder, it is a systematic wipe of each individual file from within the hundreds of folder on my server. I don’t believe it is a hardware issues as it occurred across 12 disks and my Movie media and other data has not been affected at all. It is just the TV media managed by Sonarr.

In the Sonarr UI it shows all my TV series still but most show ‘unaired’ for series which were completed long ago and 0/0 episodes. Something is not right at all which makes me think Sonarr could be responsible for deleting the media. I cannot think of any other way this could have happened. I would like to try and start rebuilding my library but want to figure out what is wrong.

I really appreciate your help, thank you.


Sonarr doesn’t just delete files… is your instance reachable from outside your network?


The server is not, the only external access would be Plex through a secure connection.

I am curious why Sonarr has marked all my series as 0/0 (apart from a few I started re-adding) when there should be loads of episodes listed.

Can anyone make a suggestion on what might have happened please? I am slowly rebuilding my library but I am sure it will never be the same as it was and I really don’t want anything to happen again.

If it is no Sonarr then any ideas how every media file within the TV media folder tree could be deleted and at the same time the Sonarr library suddenly change to show completed series have not yet been aired? Thanks so much :slight_smile:

have you checked your sonarr logs? even on the normal level it should have something in there.

edit: didnt notice youd posted them.
Import failed, path does not exist or is not accessible by Sonarr: /data/Media/TV/Outlander/Season 5

sonarr appears to not be able to see your root path so that may explain why its showing as empty - perhaps they havent been deleted, theyre just no longer visible

Hi, thanks for replying.

I had this error for a bit but I think Sonarr was just confused about 2 series with the same name. I wish it were a simple issue with paths but all the media is gone from the array, all that remains are the folder structure.

under settings > media management does v2 have the delete empty folders option, and is yours enabled? just that i would have expected sonarr to remove the structure if it deleted the files

do the logs go back any further or is that it?

does plex have delete access? and have you checked the plex logs?

Enable the recycle bin and anytime Sonarr feels it needs to remove something it will put it there :slight_smile:

Settings > Media Management > File Management > Recycling Bin

You will need advanced settings on to see it.

Delete empty folders is set to yes.

Now I have checked the media folders again, I see that it has in fact deleted all the individual series folders. I am pretty sure at the time of posting this thread that the whole folder structure was there though.

I think that is as far back as the logs go but will check again.

Plex did have ‘Allow Media Deletion’ selected. Which I have now unchecked. I don’t know how easy it would have been to have deleted the whole TV library manually but I guess it was possible, however it is only myself that has that privilege.

Can you tell me what sort of thing I should be searching the Plex logs for, please? And which logo file, there are a lot in the Plex Media Server/Logs folder?

Thanks so much!

Thanks for the tip on Recycling, I have added a folder for this now. I also noticed the ‘Ignore deleted Episodes’ was checked so that explains why everything in my Sonarr library was showing as unmonitored.

Sabnzbd response: OutputPath=/data/Media/TV/Billions/Season 5/Billions S05E03.mkv

I think you have sabnzbd sorting enabled too, and maybe set to your library folder. big nono. Sabnzbd downloads, sonarr imports from intermediate folder to your library.

Oh, thanks I have disabled that.

Ok, so I disabled this and now I can see why I had enabled it.

Sonarr doesn’t seem to be renaming the files or putting them in the correct folders. Here is a quick look at the latest downloads. I am guessing I have something set wrong in Sonarr so any tips would be great, thank you!


First, separate downloads from sorted files, it just makes the situation messy.
Second make sure Sonarr and SAB have the same volumes mounted in the docker containers, ideally just one volume that gives access to both downloads and sorted files.
Third, post updated debug logs of the failing import, screenshots of the error from Activity: Queue are relevant as well (hover over the icon on the left of items not importing.

Downloads and sorted files should be separated already so not sure what is going on. Sabnzb seemed to control things pretty well with sorting and renaming. Anyway here is how I have things set at present:

My server has a folder structure as follows:



Deluge host path: /mnt/user/
downloads to: /data/Downloads/incomplete
move completed to: /data/Downloads/incomplete

Sabnzb host path: /mnt/user/
temp download folder: /data/Downloads/incomplete
completed download folder: /data/Downloads/complete

Sonarr container path /data : /mnt/user/Downloads
Sonarr container path /media : /mnt/user/Media/TV

Can you spot what I have wrong?

Thanks so much!


Sonarr Log
Sonarr Debug log

the sonarr container doesnt have the same mapping for /data as the other containers, make it the same - edit, or you could add a remote path mapping in sonarr (but please dont, just “fix” the mapping)

you can leave it at that and it will copy files, or you can also change your root folders in sonarr from /media to /data/Media/TV (although you may already have it set like that which could be causing the other errors in your logs) so that moves work and youll only need a single volume

you may want to open the series > mass editor page and sort it by path - check what path your shows are set to use and change them if needed, to be on a valid path.

what category do you have set in the download client entry for sab in sonarr? (you need one, you just do, use sonarr if you dont have one set)
in sab do you have a category for that setup? if you dont create one for it
in sab are any of the sorting options enabled for that category? if so disable it