Has Sonarr deleted all my media? 3000+ files missing

Mono Version 6.4.0
OS unraid 6.8.3

Debug log

UI Screenshot

I have been using Sonarr and unraid for several years without a problem but recently discovered all my TV media has been deleted from the server. All the folders and subfolders for series and seasons remain intact but the media files themselves are all gone, so this isn’t some accidental wipe of my TV media folder, it is a systematic wipe of each individual file from within the hundreds of folder on my server. I don’t believe it is a hardware issues as it occurred across 12 disks and my Movie media and other data has not been affected at all. It is just the TV media managed by Sonarr.

In the Sonarr UI it shows all my TV series still but most show ‘unaired’ for series which were completed long ago and 0/0 episodes. Something is not right at all which makes me think Sonarr could be responsible for deleting the media. I cannot think of any other way this could have happened. I would like to try and start rebuilding my library but want to figure out what is wrong.

I really appreciate your help, thank you.


Sonarr doesn’t just delete files… is your instance reachable from outside your network?


The server is not, the only external access would be Plex through a secure connection.

I am curious why Sonarr has marked all my series as 0/0 (apart from a few I started re-adding) when there should be loads of episodes listed.