Has anyone ever successfully added House Hunters?


I have gone though the wiki, the indexer defiantly has the right category set for it.

tvdb though seems to have multiple seasons running at the same time, it’s very strange. Could that be the issue?


I can find the stuff searching the indexer site or externally on an android app just fine. And I can add them through my NZB app and sonarr is properly showing the episodes in the UI as downloading.


Logs: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rrhm1dttiu1m98e/sonarr.log?dl=0

I have been able to add house hunters international, but am having an issues with any seasons past 99. Once it gets to season 100 and further, it doesn’t add the shows that I know are on the indexer.

Came on here to ask this question and thought someone may be able to help with settings in sonarr for seasons past 99, if this is even possible.

As for adding the show, the indexer I am using has it, but not even close to all of the episodes, but I will take what I can get :slight_smile:.

Appreciate any help.

I’m at the point where I’m just using nzb360 to browse my indexer for new eps, and adding to sab through that. Sonarr and sab seem to understand once they HAVE the episode downloading, but they are unable to search directly.

I think I am going to open another thread and ask if anyone has any advice on downloading shows with over 100 seasons…that may be more helpful as I think that is the issue. Sonarr is only picking up seasons up to 99, but I could be incorrect.

This is the closest I found before posting, but doesn’t work for me

Thanks for this but this seems like an issue with Plex and not Sonarr.

Has nothing to do with plex. If you’re seeing it in the logs, that’s just because i never noticed, i reauthenticated and that’s not there anymore. My bad for not fixing it first, sorry!

The issue is sonarr can’t find any episodes manual or automatic search. But it’s able to detect them downloading and show them downloadED in the UI of added manually to sab.

No, I mean the link you sent me, seems like their issue is plex where our issue is Sonarr.

Apologies, you’re right! I glazed over the word plex.

That’s unexpected, but wouldn’t cause issues with Sonarr.

Your logs show a search, but your indexers returned 0 results, Sonarr can only process the results it gets back.

Looking at an indexer I have access to, they’re parsing the season/episode number incorrectly, which and for season 198, episode 6, it’s getting parsed as season 19, episode 0, which means searching will be broken.

I’ve removed that post because it’s a duplicate of this post and had none of the required support information.

Sonarr itself has no issues with 3 digit seasons, it’s some indexers that do (when searching), the only reliable way to get those episodes when released will be via RSS. For past episodes you’d have to manually add to the download client (with the correct category) and Sonarr will pick them up.

Yes, this seems like the correct answer. I can search for like “Alone.S01E01” on the indexer just fine, but not “House.Hunters.S197E06” however just “House Hunters” shows that episode just fine. NZB360 apps search also follows that same logic.

Thanks for resolving that

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