GUI Legibility Issues with V3


Sonarr version
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Windows 10
Description of issue:
I have a few comments on the legibility of items in the GUI.

I am running Sonarr on a PC connected to a TV therefore I am reading the screen from across the room rather than sitting in front of the PC.

If I go into a screen such as settings; you have the setting options down the left hand side of the screen. On the top right you have two icons and text “hide advanced” and “no changes”.

Similarly, selecting Series you have similar icons and text like “Update All” and “RSS Sync”.

Because the text is grey I find is exceedingly difficult to read from a distance. The text down the left hand side is fine (eg Add New, Import Mass Editor).

The second issue is with the status information within the Series/Season information.

The quality e.g 720p WEB-DL etc is shown in black on grey and is exceedingly difficult to read.

I wish you had used different colors for the different qualities and it would be much easier to see what is different. At the moment I find it a struggle to read.

I hope these comments make some sort of sense.


Did you try the new windows 10 dark theme I like it on my big monitors. there is also a dark theme for explorer chrome edge office. You need the latest updates to get it working. If the fonts are small that can be adjusted also.

I do the same on Linux on a tv but Linux latest versions are not supporting fractional fonts so you can only do 1x 2x 3x but there is a patch coming for that the Mint Cinnamon works well on a 2160p tv at 2x

Im holding off trying version 3 of sonar as it will not allow me to run both side by side unless i use a second machine. .


Thank you for the suggestion.

i had a look at the dark theme which I had never come across before.

The display certainly looks different. I will give it a try and see how I get on.


I did have a look at the dark theme but I must admit I didn’t keep it for long and prefer the existing theme.

Having used V3 for a couple of weeks; I am very impressed with it except for the grey on black quality information within the episodes information which as I said earlier is exceedingly difficult to read and differentiate the qualities from a distance.


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