Grabs preferred release even though upgrade quality disabled


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Bit of a weird one here, this may be intended behavior but I’m not sure

I have a Quality Profile set to 1080p with upgrades disabled but AMZN preferred (Release Profile -> Preferred-> AMZN +10)

The intention is so when it searches it’ll prefer AMZN if available but if it isn’t it’ll download whatever else is available. What happens is it will download something else and then after a few hours/days it might then grab the AMZN release also.

Why is it doing this when upgrades are disabled? I understand upgrades relate to quality but I don’t want any kind of upgrade once the file has downloaded.

Any ideas?


Upgrades relate to the quality, preferred words operate out side that. Disabling upgrades is no different than setting the cutoff to the lowest quality in the list and eliminates some of the surprise that some people ran into when Sonarr upgraded old releases to newer higher quality ones.

A delay profile may limit a download being regrabbed if a more preferred release becomes available. At this time there are no plans to change how preferred words operate/specifying a cutoff for them, but it’s something we may consider in the future.


I’d like to add a vote for a cutoff option for preferred words, for precisely the same scenario: I want Sonarr to prefer the AMZN release over another release of the same quality level if both become available at the same time, but not to bother updating to the AMZN release if another one of the same quality level has already been downloaded.

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