Grabbing Wrestling episodes automatically?

My nephew is a huge wrestling fan, and he’s always keeping on to me to get the latest episodes of Raw, Smackdown, NXT etc. I have them shows added in Sonarr, but they never seem to pick them up. Then, when I go to the interactive search, they just show the 4K versions. When I go to NZB Geek, I can see the latest episodes in 720, 1080 etc, but the interactive search within Sonarr never picks them up.

Is there a way around this, as I may have to suplex my nephew if he keeps on.


Do you have them set as Daily, vs Standard?

I’ve tried both. When I choose “standard” it barely gives me any results, sometimes none, and mainly the wrong episode or even wrong event. If I choose “daily” it lists a bunch of releases, some are the correct episode, but literally every single release is flagged. I’ve also noticed it doesn’t pick up the NZBGeek Smackdown episodes. I mean, I could just manually get them as they are only weekly but sometimes I’m in work til late and my nephew is that obsessed with them, he’s ringing me, asking where the latest episodes are haha.

Based on the release format it seems like it should be Daily.

What are the listed reasons for rejection? That should go a long way in pointing you in the right direction.
What Quality Profile are you using? Is it set up correctly?
Are your Indexer categories set correctly?

Add screenshots as appropriate if you’re unsure.

I just added Smackdown as a test, and got full results including a successful hit for each manual search. Based on indexer results I assume I would get the same for RAW, NXT etc.

I am having difficulties with automatic retrieval too, not with WWE Raw and Smackdown, but specifically with Friday Night Smackdown and Monday Night Raw. Sonarr is unable to list those, even though I can find them on most torrent sites.

Thanks for that.

I tried to add WWE Friday Night SmackDown to TVDb, but, according to them, it is already listed. This makes no sense, because Sonarr doesn’t pick it up.

Having tried to add Monday Night Raw, I get the same result. It already exist in TVDB, apparently. Sonarr still doesn’t pick it up.

Because they do?

Aliases WWF SmackDown, WWE Friday Night SmackDown, WWE SmackDown Live
ie. WWE Smackdown = WWE Friday Night SmackDown

And the same for WWE RAW = WWE Monday Night RAW

As a test, I added WWE RAW via Sonarr as a Daily show.
Did a search for the most recent episode (WWE Raw-2024-05-06-RAW 1615) and returned results as expected. Releases were named
WWE.Monday.Night.Raw.2024.05.06.1080p.WEB.h264-### etc.

So Sonarr is loading the series fine, and searching fine and returning results. If you’re not seeing results then it may be to do with your Indexers/config.

OK. Thanks.

This is what I have had right from the beginning:

/volume1/Video/TV/WWE SmackDown (Tomorrow Sonarr is scheduled to download WWE SmackDown-26x19-SmackDown 1290 - not Friday Night Smackdown.)
/volume1/Video/TV/WWE Raw (On Tuesday Sonarr downloaded WWE Raw-32x19-RAW 1615 - not Monday Night Raw,)

Are these aliases for Friday Night Smackdown and Monday Night Raw, respectively? Nope.

I have WWE.Friday.SmackDown.2024.05.03.1080p.HDTV, from last Saturday and WWE.Monday.Night.Raw.2024.05.06.1080p. downloaded manually to my system. These are definitely not the same. I have played them all. They are not aliases for the same thing.

My indexers include TorrentDay, Pirate Bay and EZTV. Currently I have no alternative English Language indexers that my system will accept.

Still pointing to indexer(s) being the issue. Poorly mis/named releases etc.

PreDB appears to list all the episodes named correctly and they were the results found when I ran a search.

So, you’ll need to try and find some different/better indexers for these types of releases.

Sorry for the late response, but I have been successfully grappling with the unmapped folder problem. (See my other thread.)

As I concluded, the remaining eight unmapped folders are due to unrecognised shows. These include “The Haunting of Hill House” and “Hughie Green - Most Sincerely” These are one-offs and will never need updating. However the problem with “Monday Night Raw” and “Friday Night Smackdown” remain. I want to get those two right because they have new shows weekly. I have tried to add an IMBD ls************ list, but none I can find, include WWE shows. Can PreDB be added to the import lists? I tried but got error messages. TorrentDay is where I download manually from, so both shows are available there.

First one should be possible to add, it is on TVDB

Second one is a movie, so it won’t work in Sonarr

As for the WWE stuff, like I’ve said previously, it’s not a Sonarr issue, which leaves it being an indexer/release issue. If Sonarr is not automatically finding or identifying the TorrentDay releases correctly then you’ll need to try and find a different indexer that has the scene releases / where the releases are named properly.

Thanks for the info on the media that were actually film! :grinning:

Regarding the Haunting of Hill House, I had seen that alias, but rejected it because it indicated two seasons, The show only has one season available anywhere that I can see, even though Season 2 was released in 2020. It’s odd because the characters and cast are right. Season 1 was in 2018. Season 2 was in 2020. It isn’t available anywhere.

EDIT: I get it! The second season is The Haunting of Bly Manor! Both seasons come under the umbrella of The Haunting. I’m access Bly Manor now. Oddly it shows as Season 1 on Torrent Day and elsewhere.