GoT season 8 downloads failing

Mono Version
Ubuntu 18.04.2

GoT was having issues downloading the new GoT Episode -

It gave the following error ga
Any way to fix this

I had three completed downloads of this episode in the Sonarr queue none of which were processed because of the TBA episode title.

I was able to manually import the last one.

The problem is there because the episode titles are blank in the tvdb.

Episode 1 has now had a title added but all the rest are still blank.

I see someone asked on thetvdb forum if placeholder names of “episode 1” etc could be put into the titles.

As is expected now; the moderators on the site have refused to do this and are planning on leaving the entries blank until the episode title is known.

Even more reason why more consideration needs to be given to moving away from thetvdb.

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The easiest fix: don’t use {Episode Title} or {Episode CleanTitle} in your renaming options.


The episode downloaded but it wasn’t moved to its correct location.
It was marked as “Episode has a TBA title and recently aired”.

At least I was able to manually import it.

I did ask on thetvdb about them adding the titles of “Episode 2” etc as shown on the HBO web site.

Their response was basically that they don’t use placeholders and that if there is a problem with Sonarr then the problem is with Sonarr and not them.

Regarding Thirrian’s suggestion about not using {Episode Title} or {Episode CleanTitle}; I wouldn’t want to stop doing that.

I have the renaming options turned off, and I had the same ‘issue’.
The episode was downloaded, but it was not imported for a few hours.
Is this cos of the TBA title? Why would even sonarr care about that. It has an ID (like 8x01), why isn’t that enough?

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It doesn’t solve it. As displayed above, I have renaming disabled and still the episode did not import automatically. I had to do it manually. Which is quicker than redownloading stuff, I guess. But still… not much of a solution.

Getting the error when renaming is disabled is a bug, it’ll be fixed in v3 this week, no plans to fix in v2 as it’s not a major bug and it’s been present for months. For the time being you can use {Original Title} or {Original Filename} as a work around instead of disabling renaming completely.

The TVDB had their information updated pretty quickly and was able for refreshing in Sonarr around the time the releases were available, refreshing the series (either manually or when Sonarr scheduled it would have allowed Sonarr to import it automatically within a few minutes.

Good to hear it will be fixed in v3.

When its released, will we have to set up everything again, or will it be a pretty easy upgrade?

Am I correct that this won’t solve the issue when renaming is enabled?

It’s only an issue if the episode title is included in the renaming format and it’s not known. Which in more than a year since it’s release has happened very infrequently, especially for popular shows. This might be the first thread on the topic.

We have no plans to introduce an option to opt out of this behaviour.

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OK; thank you.

I’m still on v2.
If I want to import the next GoT episode, before tvdb updates the episode name, I have to turn on rename, and set it to Original Filename as a ‘workaround’?


As mentioned here: Download the Game of Thrones episode too late I have a similar problem. The show downloads almost as soon as available, but it gets processed only several hours later. I’ll try this workaround as I normally do not use file renaming at all. So I’ve set renaming on and used {Original Title} for all settings available. We’ll see next week, I guess.

It will.
I set it up the same way and now it imports straight away

Thanks! I remain curious as to why this is necessary. Considering that having renaming set to “No” should achieve the same exact thing.

It’s a bug. The format is still being checked despite it not being used. It’s fixed in v3, but not a critical bug we’re implementing in v2.

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