Getting Sonarr to manually move/rename files

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OS: Mojave 10.14.6
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Sonarr is working well but I cannot get it to pickup, move and rename a MKV file into the right folder. I have manually copied the MKV file into my SAB TV folder, where all the downloads go by default. The file is named TvShowName S02E01
When it downloads the shows from Sonarr it works fine, However, it will not process a mkv file I downloaded from another source. Do you know how I get Sonarr to do this ?
I can manually rename the MKV file, place it in the correct folder and re-scan but it would be great if Sonarr could detect it and sort that out automatically

Thanks very much

Manual Import from Wanted: Missing is the recommended way. Sonarr gets things to import from the download client, it doesn’t scan folders looking for files unless you use Drone Factory, which is deprecated v2 and removed in v3.

PS Sonarr, not Sonaar.

Thanks Markus

I used Sickbeard to do it, on this occasion. Will this feature come back into Sonarr at some point ?


PS - Sonarr, typo, amended from my post :wink:

No we don’t have plans to bring it back, but will have alternatives and the API can be used to tell Sonarr to import if necessary.

Thanks very much for your help :slight_smile:

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