Getting more space on your drives with Mhdffs

I was wondering if anyone has tried this. I have a lot of drives on linux under mhdffs to create one large drive. I know that the larger the drive the more space is allocated for even the smallest file.

This leads to metadata, jpegs, nfo subtitles all taking up a lot more drive space than the need if you use larger drives.

With mhdffs it will merge stuff across drives. I was considering re-partitioning some drives into 200 meg partitions to get smaller size spaces for little files. then copying the directory structure from the larger drives to them.

i would move all the little files from the large drives to the smaller ones. and let mhdffs merge them together.

I am wondering if there is a way to set the smaller drives so mhdffs does not try to fill them up.
And if sonarr could possibly be set to put the small files on the small drives and the videos on the larger.

This should free up a terabyte or two