Funding for New Features - e.g. Kickstarter Campaign for Movies?

I know there are many feature requests for movie support in Sonarr, and I can’t disagree with them.

I do understand however the time, cost, and effort involved in software development and maintenance. I work as a solution architect, so I also know about the hassles of funding projects for delivering new functionality.

The bulk of the functionality for movies is quite similar to TV shows, but, also quite different in many ways so I appreciate it might take a single or several developers working full time for a month or two to have the functionality available.

I am wondering whether we could put together something like a kickstarter campaign to fund this? Effectively pay for someone to take some time off their day job, and do the work required.

We would need an estimate of what we would need to raise, and then some campaigning across the forums, news groups, website, etc. to get the numbers together.

I know plenty of CouchPotato users who would gladly pay for an alternative which actually worked!

I’d also love something similar for downloading music when new albums are released from my favourite artists, or have my artists monitored for albums, singles, etc. If doing this for movies was viable, what would prevent something similar being done for other major features like this, or even to reduce the backlog of bug fixes and enhancements also?

Thoughts anyone?
Would you contribute financially?
Would you put your time in to it if we could fund it?

Thanks in advance.

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We have no plans to raise funds to do features, money isn’t the limiting factor, its time, for both development and support. Without more good developers as part of the team, that have proven that they are interested in contributing via other features we do not plan to implement movie support, we don’t have the throughput to get it done as well as continue adding other features and doing support.

My recent comment on the movies GHI says mostly the same thing: