Force Web-DL for Streaming Network Shows

A lot of releases get detected as HDTV but they are from NF or AMZN etc, so at bare mininum, they are webrips.

Ideally those groups would just follow convention but a bit of simple logic based on network might be easy

If you are using v3 you can make a quality profile that has just one group for each resolution and then use release profiles to prioritize whatever you like.

hmm… i mean that some groups utr, megusta etc, will put out a release labeled Whitcher s02e012 (1080p hevc 10bit joi).mkv where Joi is the release group.

Because the file name does not specify its a webrip or webdl, Sonarr labels it HDTV.
But because Whitcher is a Netflux show, it can be assumed that at minimum it must be WebDL

If they’re not marked with source or method in any way and you’re just assuming it’s a webrip then why does it matter how it’s marked?

This would be making assumptions whoever added it to tvdb did so correctly, otherwise it would be labeled wrong. As a developer i wouldn’t make this change (personally)

Also Snuser he is not “assuming” anything, Witcher is a netflix streaming show so it would be a webrip/webdl & for organizational people, things being labeled properly is important to them. Why does it matter to you enough to waste time posting why he is making the request anyways? It is his request & unless you are the developer for Sonarr there is no sense in questioning someone elses requests like that boss (just the developer in me there).

Sometimes a person will ask the “wrong” question because of incorrect assumptions about how a system works, and sometimes they are trying to achieve something that I hadn’t thought about. My question is just that, a question to understand why it matters and what he is trying to achieve.

The usual reason for differentiating between HDTV and webdl is that webdl is usually better, but if they are all assumed to be web-dl then it doesn’t matter and he can put all 1080p releases in the same priority group. If he prefers joi releases he can give that a higher score in release profiles, and then those will be preferred even if there are other releases marked web-dl.

Of course, this might not be his issue and my explaining it will have been a waste of time. Hence the question.

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