Folder sorting with Sonarr

HI Just finished setting up container startion with Sonarr and SABNZbd. Everything is working fine and episodes are being found and downloaded.
What i wanted to know is folder sorting and how to set it up.
I currently had all my TV shows sorted by the following:
Folder: TV Show name
Sub Folder: Season x
File name: SxxExx - episode name.
Could someone please expain how i can get this to work.
It keeps puting the a folder in the TV Shows root folder with the naming convention that i am still playing around with (tried a few things).
I just want this to sort into the above folder directory.
Sorry if this has been answered before i am a little new to this.

(Make sure you have Show Advanced enabled so you see all available settings.) In Settings > Media Management, set the naming format for each level as you desire and have outlined above. Make sure Completed Download Handling is enabled in Download Clients, and then everything should happen automatically.

Thanks for the quick answer and the link. Still a little unsure how to create this as it was kind of what i was doing previously. I am sure i am missing something small.
So it still is still just doing its own folder and not moving it to the show folder and naming the file.
I am also not sure which part of the Episode naming part i need to change.
Standard episode, Daily Episode, etc.
If you are able to keep helping that would be great. Even a string and where to put that would help a great deal.

Thanks again

Finished file name

What is your root folder?
Where is SAB set to download?

Standard episode.
Daily episodes are things like The Tonight Show, Jimmy Kimmel/Fallon etc.

So SAB downloads to the following:
Temporary Download Folder - /share/Public/Downloads/Incomplete
Completed Download Folder - /share/Public/Downloads/Completed
then the TV series folder is - /share/Public/tv shows/TV Shows/
And for this exapmle Sonarr is pointing to /TV Shows/Dahmer - Monster - The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

OK, everything looking good so far.

Do you have Completed Download handling enabled in Settings > Download Clients?

Yes i do.

OK. So everything should be working then - for new downloads.
One last thing to check and confirm is that you have Use Season Folder selected for the show. Go to Edit for the series itself to confirm this (and also that it is set to Standard series type)

Anything that is already downloaded you will need to manually process. You can do this via Wanted > Manual Import

Thanks for the help here.
That was already selected but still doing the same thing.
1st screen show is the after download from SAB
2nd screen shot is showing that the use season folder is ticked.
3rd shot same folder created and not placed into the movie title/season folder.

Your second screenshot (per display, or 1st per label and your list) shows that SAB is downloading to your root folder, not your download folder as you previously indicated. (path /share/Public/tv shows/TV Shows/ instead of /share/Public/Downloads/Completed/)
Or SAB is doing some post processing moving. Either way, you do not want this. This is what is causing the issue for you. You want SAB just to download and leave it in your Completed folder, and then Sonarr to do the move and renaming.

ok interesting. seems like we are getting to the bottom of this.
I have found that issue and it is now leaving it in the completed folder.
Now it looks like my container station doesn’t have access to the completed download folder.
I have changed the completed downloads folder to /tv shows/1 completed.
The file is downloading to that folder but now i get the following error

Try and avoid downloading to your root folder. It’s just considered a big don’t do and can result in all sorts of issues. Better to get a properly configured and working setup in the first place.

So now it seems like you’re dealing with permissions issues. Since you mentioned container station I am assuming QNAP. Hopefully Docker

Try Trash Guides for setup and permissions
or here

OK I have deleted the container again and starting with the new folders added.
I have taken the completed and incomplete folders out of the root folder and put them somewhere else and added them into the container to be able to reach them.
I will set this all up again and test and see where it goes and let you know in a few hours.
Thanks so much for your help so far

So final run down.
I deleted all folders and setup new folders following the guide lines in
Started the setup again and now works fine.
Thanks for all your help on this. It was doing my head in.

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