Fix search ignore exact phase / word

I have a ignore list under release profiles and the word ad was one of the words in it. I got forced to remove it this morning when I notice ep1 and ep2 of Made For Love S02 didn’t download because of the ad in made. I expected when I added ad to my ignore list Sonarr only to search for ad as a stand alone word not to search within a word. This should be addressed and corrected. Thanks

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if you want to avoid _ad_ then you need to avoid that term with the spaces. You told sonarr to avoid ad anywhere in the release title and it did exactly as you told it to do.

ad != _ad_ and ad!
(_ in lieu of spaces for formatting)
Thirrian helpfully posted the regex for that.

It may have done exactly what it was told to do but it should of only been looking for the exact phrase I added.

You told it to look for “ad” which is exactly what it did.

release profile words are exactly that…whatever you put in.

If you enter “blah” that is not looking for " blah " nor “.blah.” It is literally “blah” so: hooblahk matches as would " blah " and “.blah.”

Again, the solution what you intended - not what you told it to do - is the regex that was posted

If there is ANYTHING more than the characters a true search should be ignoring it. One should never have to preface there search criteria.

That’s not what it does nor how it works as far as I’m aware. I don’t forsee that feature being changed either. It works exactly how it’s described. Your terms are not modified and why would you expect them to be?

Not sure why you seem so headstrong and expect Sonarr to work only and exactly how you expect it to work in your head rather than how it’s designed? Perhaps you should make a fork, make the required changes, and run your own builds so you can have all your customizations and use cases do exactly what you want and how you think they work?

I don’t understand how you don’t understand that “AD” is not " AD ". And thus “ad” would match both “advertising sucks” and “this Ad sucks”

Similarly I don’t understand how you expect sonarr to NOT do EXACTLY what it was told to do? If your told Excel to do 2+3 and it did 2*3 because that’s what the user intended - there would be a lot of complaints about the bug and excel not doing what it was told.

Maybe @markus101 can explain it to you.

The matching is “does this string contain this value”, not “does this string contain this word”, to make the term less broad you need to use regex, this is the way it’s functioned since it’s introduction, regex was added later to make it more customizable.

Generally the broader matching isn’t an issue, unless you’re using a shorter more commonly used part of a word, but for those cases regex exists.

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