Finding series that are only "First Season Monitored"

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OS: Ubuntu Mate 22.04
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Description of issue: How do I find series that are only “First Season Monitored”

I believe I may have unintentionally set some series to monitor only the first season. How would I be able to find any shows that are only monitoring Season 1? I’ve tried a custom filter, but if I’ve acquired all episodes of season 1, then the Episode progress would show as 100%, and I can’t seem to find a good filter variable.

Basically, my worry is that there is a show that is ongoing where the current season is not being monitored.

Presumably the user has enough series that while possible, this would be a lot of work, so they want to know there’s an easier way.

Yeah, I’ll just click on all 400 series and check.

No, I’m not trolling. When adding a series, you can add it as “All Episodes”, or many other options, such as, “Pilot Episode”, “Only First Season”, and “Only Last Season”, etc. So just opening the series and looking at which seasons are monitored does NOT give me all the information that I need. I need to click on “Series Monitoring”, and even then, it doesn’t actually tell me which kind of Monitored I selected.

Perhaps this is better to ask as a question. If I added a series that just started it’s first season as “First Season Monitored”, season 1 would download. Great. But when they release season 2… well, do you have a guess as to what will happen? Because my guess was that it wouldn’t download.

I have downloaded my db, and opened it in SQL. It seems that even here, at the series level, Monitored is either a 0 or a 1. But it truly doesn’t seem so cut and dry.

That value is not stored with the series, it is used to set the value initially and then forgotten about.

The current behaviour when a second season is added would be be to monitor it (future seasons are monitored automatically right now).

This makes sense. Good explanation, and good to know. Thank you!!

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