Filter shows by profiles

I maintain shows for a number of family members whose tastes do not overlap and it would be good to include profiles, as netflix and others do, that would allow people to look at all of the shows in one profile without the confusion of wading through other shows.

Sonarr downloads episodes into folder which are sorted this way on out network so that plex can display only the shows that a particular family member would want to watch. It would be good if Sonarr could tag categories like this and allow filtering according to those tags. Generic tags like this would also allow for the sorting of content by type - comedies, dramas, documentaries, etc.


You can do this with tags already.

Thanks markus101 - please tell me a little more about how to do this.

In v3 on the series page create custom filters based on those tags, they’re not separate accounts and won’t sort to multiple locations for one series, but you can see different views.

Thanks much markus101 - I’m now deeply involved in creating tags and custom filters based on those tags. I’m finding that if you have multiple molecular tags, you can create many varied custom filters to display shows as you want to see them.

Thanks again

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