Filter DV prevents other series from being downloaded

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Hi guys, I would like to do the following with Sonarr.
I want Sonarr to download my series on its own. Here I have created 1080p/2160p filters.
Now it is important to me that DV is preferred or DV.HDR is loaded.
Currently, it seems that when I create DV filters, it no longer loads 1080p series.

I used this regex Code at release filter: /\b(dv|dovi|dolby[ .]?vision)\b/i

Could this be a solution?
In the respective series, I specify under tag that I prefer dv to uhd.
Then I can save myself the general filter.

greetz buendl

Sounds like you are on the right track to fix your issue. You may also have your release profile setup suboptimally

You’ll likely want your dv stuff as preferred vs must contain. Or as you mentioned, use a tag to only apply it to 4k series.

Thanks for the confirmation, I will test whether this is a sensible approach.
That’s the question: did the regex reject the other downloads or prefer/must contain 100?

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