Filesize Larger than Maximum Allowed Help

Any tips? I’m getting this error: * 2.6 GB is larger than maximum allowed 2.4 GB (for 25min)

On the quality definition sliders I’ve set to unlimited but still get the error. Is there maybe a global setting that I’ve missed?

Thanks, but I don’t have a file size restriction set, so that’s not the issue.

Then let’s see a picture of your quality settings

Thanks for the help, here you go.

Based on that, I’d say the release was webdl-1080p, which does have a size limitation and is wanted in your profile…
Since there’s no logfiles there is no way to know for sure though.

Edit: not related to the issue a hand, but I would consider giving all the minimum size sliders a little nudge to the right. There’s no way a release under say 10mb is not a fake/virus…

also v2 is EOL and obsolete, upgrade to v3