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Hello everyone,
I’m new here but have been using sonarr for quite some time.
My installation is not standard and i have an annoying problem to solve.
My media files are stored on a nas (synology).
I have a proxmox host which runs a vm dedicated to my dockers containers. Sonarr runs in a docker containers (version from linuxserver). Sabnzbd runs also in a docker container.
Plex runs in a lxc container.
For all my media servers (sonarr, radarr, bazarr,…) i have to mount (with fstab) the remote directory from my nas to a local directory of the vm running docker engine and use a docker volume for my containers.
In normal conditions all is running fine.
But when the nas reboots (for an update or an outage) the media directories or not mounted anymore and completed download are moved on the local disk of proxmox host.
Then i have to manually move it back to download folder, remount media folders and move files back to media folders.
Local folder of proxmox host is on a ssd with small free size (<30Gb).
Is there a way to prevent sonarr to move files if free space on destination is less than 30Gb ( or a configurable size) ?
I have the same problem for radarr and other similar server.

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Personally I would try to solve your mounting issues,
Look why the mount points don’t stick.
Are you running it wireless ?


I have no mounting issues. It’s only when the nas is unavailable because of an update or an outage.
If i have an update to make i have to think to stop sonarr, radarr,… and i forget.
I think i figured out how to prevent writing in the folder if remote share is not mounted by making the mount point unwritable and immutable. But that’s only one part of the solution.
I need to be notified when it occurs, by sonarr, radarr,… or by the guest vm on which these docker containers are running.

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