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Windows Server 2016
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I am having issues figuring out how to get certain filenames restricted. I’ve tried as many combinations as I can, but there is always something that lets it through. What I’m trying to block is anything with TBS and 1080p in it. Can someone help me with the proper way to set this under restrictions?




Must not contain, add term “tbs”, add term “1080p”, don’t enter anything in the tags field if you really want to apply it to all series.

If you don’t want 1080p content, you should uncheck those qualities in your quality profile(s) though. That’ll be far more efficient.


I just don’t want 1080p content from TBS for any series. If I put TBS, and 1080p like you suggest it will block all TBS, and all 1080p if I’m not mistaking?


…I’m trying to avoid having to go back, and replace the 1080p TBS versions with higher quality sources later, but I don’t want to block TBS sources under 720p because sometimes that’s the first source available. If that helps. lol



You might be able to do this with regex in the restrictions: I think that’d be /1080p.+?TBS$/i. I can’t think of any other way to achieve TBS and 1080p.


So just copy/paste /1080p.+?TBS$/i into must not contain?

Thank you.


Yes, exactly.


Thank you Markus101. I’ll give that a shot! :slight_smile:



Just curious would there be a issue when you wait like 24 hours for the preferred quality ?
Trying to figure out why people want to download every release available and actually want another profile quality.
That will be released mostly a few hours later


Because in this case the good quality 1080p WEB sources aren’t posted just a couple hours later. The TBS 1080p is the one that gets posted within a few hours. I tend to wait to watch my series until the next day when the higher quality stuff would be sorted out anyways, but I have many other viewers who want to watch it no matter the quality as soon as it’s available.

So I what I want to do is only block the 1080p TBS releases. This way whatever source is released first gets picked up right away, and then my higher quality 1080p sources get grabbed when posted without me having to do it manually.

Hope that explains the need.


So this didn’t work unfortunately. It still downloaded files with TBS and 1080p in the name. :frowning:

Is there another way it could be typed in?



try the following “1080p.WEB.h264-TBS” do a manual search for the results


I’ve done that before, and the problem is the filenames get changed up all the time with TBS 1080p. I guess I could just do one for every type I have come through until it eventually blocks them all.


Well the ignore part is a “or” so that could work.