File not deleted on Transmission client

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: FreeBSD12
Description of issue:

Every time I initiate a torrent download from search, the file is properly downloaded and imported into series directory, however, the actual torrent file is not deleted from Transmission client. I have to manually do it. The sonarr user is used to own transmission directory and running service, so is not a permissions issue.

Unless it’s finished seeding it won’t remove it (as mentioned in the FAQ).

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@markus101I don’t see anywhere a setting in Sonarr to stop seeding:

  • In addition, you can configure your seed time/ratio goals in Sonarr or your download client, setup your download client to pause or stop when they’re met and enable Remove under Completed and Failed Download Handler. That way, torrents that finish seeding will be removed from the download client by Sonarr.

In Transmission there is an idle mode. I would like to know where is that setting to stop seeding in Sonarr. I forced Transmission to stop the seeding after a certain time and noticed the torrent is properly removed, that is great.

You’ll want to seed seeding goals per indexer in Sonarr, then Transmission should auto-pause when that’s met (IIRC it only supports ratio, not time).

I see it now, thanks!