File Move - Once Torrents have been downloaded

Sonarr version ():
Mono version (): 5.20.1
Debug logs: - New not sure how to get these just yet
Description of issue:

Hello all - I am new to Sonarr but have managed to get everything set up and working as I want apart from the final steps of the system moving the files automatically from the download share to the TV Show’s share once it’s been downloaded. Below is the setup I have

I have Sonarr running as a docker on my UNRAID server. I have a path /Data mapped to the location of my downloads folder, and /Media mapped to the final location of where all my media is kept for Plex.

I have a hosted SeedBox for downloading of torrents.

So at the moment

  1. I find the show I want to watch in Sonarr and select auto-download
  2. This then sends off the request and its added to my remote Seedbox and downloads to the HDD in the hosted Seedbox.
  3. I then use Resilio which syncs the folder on the Seedbox to my downloads share on the UNRAID Server.
  4. Sonarr then tries to import the MKV file into the system but is using a path from the remote SeedBox which it can’t find (as its on the remote seedbox and not on the local server) and fails to import the MKV files.

Now if I go to Wanted - Manual Import - and select the /data folder it will import all the shows that have been downloaded.

The error I am getting in Sonarr is from a component called DownloadEpisodesImportService and the error is

Import failed, path does not exist or is not accessible by Sonarr: /home/psb29891620/files/SaturdaynightLive

What I need to do is change this directory so it scans and imports the files from /data which is mapped to the download folder but I can’t work out how.

I have tried to add a Remote Path Mapping of the IP of the seedbox, the remote path of /home/psb29891620/files and local path of /data/

But it hasn’t made any difference.

Anyone any ideas on what I am missing?


Is the IP address exactly what you have entered in the Host field for the download client in Sonarr? (These two host fields need to match exactly).

Be careful with this, it’ll be fine for single file releases as long as the extension is altered during transfer, but a season pack will be considered imported after the first file is imported if there are no other files to import. It’s something we’re working on, but an issue currently.